Group travel

Plan your own trip with the help of our downloadable digital maps or join group tours on St. Olav Waterway.


Our digital maps include information on routes, ferries, accommodation and other services

Specialist services

Baggage transfer – between Turku and Mariehamn and pick-up, drop-off bike rental.
Transfer timetable and prices here.
Carfield -Bike Rental. Email: Tel: +358 46 811 8970 

Kayaking – 3-6 day St Olav Waterway paddling trips
Nagu Sea Kayak Tel: +358 505651930  

Traditional wooden sailing ship – various departures for groups and scheduled tours.
Storbåt Tacksamheten – Booking: 

Bookable packages for individuals:

German speaking hiking tour from Fintouring 

German speaking cycling tour from Fintouring 

The local parish in the archipelago organises one long pilgrimage a year on the route starting from Turku. This is open to all, more information on our facebook page 

For groups:

Visit Naantali. Booking page or email: tel. +358 2 435 9800

Archipelago Booking of Finland Ltd, Tel: +358 2 410 6600

For tour operators:

Visit Naantali 
Joonas Katajisto
International sales
Tel. +358 44 756 6813 

Tour operators can also contact project manager James Simpson directly.