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Specialist services

2021 Traditional wooden sailing boat Tacksamheten will have two departures in June between Korpo and Mariehamn in the Åland Islands. You will have the possibility to explore some less visited islands and get a unique and authentic experience of travelling around the archipelago. You can either continue your pilgrimage by boat from Korpo or walk the whole way to Mariehamn and return from Åland by boat.
14.-16.6 Korpo – Mariehamn
17.-19.6 Mariehamn – Korpo
The detailed information is only in Finnish, enquiries in English to the captain.

St. Olav’s day celebration in Pargas 29.7  

Turku – Pargas – Nagu with return by boat to Turku, available summers or for groups.

Baggage transfer – between Turku and Mariehamn and pick-up, drop-off bike rental.
Transfer timetable and prices here
Provided by Carfield -Bike Rental. Email: Tel: +358 46 811 8970
Baggage transfer is available from some accommodation providers upon request. 

Kayaking – 3-6 day St Olav Waterway paddling trips
Nagu Sea Kayak Tel:+358 505651930

Traditional wooden sailing ship – various departures for groups and scheduled tours.
Storbåt Tacksamheten – Booking:

Bookable packages for individuals and groups:

4 day self-guided hiking tour in the outer archipelago for groups of 4 from Go Archipelago
For three days you will experience winding small roads, idyllic fishing harbors and picturesque artist villages in the finest areas that the archipelago has to offer! Wander in the footsteps of medieval pilgrims through one of the world’s most beautiful archipelagos. During the hike, history is combined with the beauty of nature and you can experience endless sea views, sun-drenched cliffs and the idyllic lifestyle of the archipelago.
Starting in Nagu, you can easily get out with the connecting boat Nordep to the bubbling archipelago island Brännskär from where you continue by sea towards Korpo.

Guided walk – Our saints
Would you like to know more about St. Olav’s travels through the Nordic countries? We will also tell you about the saints whom our churches are dedicated to. Guided tours on demand in Pargas, Nagu or Korpo, languages English, Italian, Finnish, Swedish.

German speaking hiking tour from Fintouring

German speaking cycling tour from Fintouring

Silent Retreat in pilgrimage traditions in Kuusisto near Turku 22-24.4.2022. Main languages Swedish and Finnish but other language speakers are welcome.

The local parish in the archipelago organises one long pilgrimage a year on the route starting from Turku. This is open to all, more information on our facebook page

For groups:

Visit Naantali. Booking page or email: tel. +358 2 435 9800

Archipelago Booking of Finland Ltd, Tel: +358 2 410 6600

For tour operators:

Visit Naantali 
Joonas Katajisto
International sales
Tel. +358 44 756 6813 

Tour operators can also contact project manager James Simpson directly.