Group travels

Book a package trip for something extra during St. Olav Waterway.


Wander together. Enjoy the archieplago from a kayak. Rent a bike. Book a route with an oldfashoin sailing boat. There are many opportunities to vary your journey.
Outdoor Active/Finland

Visit Finland
Fintouring – der Finnlandveranstaltung – buy a package tour from Germany

Sailing Turku-Pargas
Start the premier tour of St. Olav Waterway with a trip with the oldfashion shipping boat Tacksamheten. Departure from the guest harbour in Turku at 11.30 am. Coffee and sandwishes included in the price, which is from 50 e.

St. Olav paddling
Follow the footsteps of a pilgrim in a kayak.

Rent a bike
Combine walking with a day or two on a bike. Day price and twenty different locations around the archipelago.

Pocket travel
Check out if Archipelago Booking of Finland has something to offer you.