Cycling St. Olav Waterway

The archipelago and Åland Islands are popular with cyclist and cycling on St. Olav Waterway is an easy and relaxing experience.

Most of the walking path is also suitable for cyclists with some exceptions; these are mentioned on the main hiking map descriptions.

The map for cyclists below can help you plan. There are two sections in Nagu that can be difficult for bikes with thin tyres, they are marked on the map. Cyclists can download a GPX track for navigation on your phone, GPS, smartwatch or sports-tracker. This includes the two rough sections in Nagu. 

Bike rental

Bike rental is available from Carfield throughout the archipelago. They offer a service where you can drop off your bike at a different locations.


  • Information about taking bikes on the train in Finland.
  • The archipelago bus (801, 901-904) will transport your bike if there is room onboard. You cannot reserve this in advance.
  • The tourist boat between Turku and Nagu transports bikes.
  • Bikes are free on the public ferries and do not need to be booked. The ferry to Åland costs 4-6€ for bikes. They can be booked in advance for a 20% discount, foot passengers are free and can’t be booked.
  • Eckerö Linjen, Eckerö – Grisslehamn
  • Finnlines: Långnäs – Naantali (no foot passengers)
  • Vikingline: Åland – Turku/ Helsinki/ Stockholm
  • TallinkSilja: Åland – Turku/ Helsinki/ Stockholm