Family pilgrimages with children

Walk or cycle the trail or explore historical places with the help of our fun activities for kids.
Families even have their own pilgrim path in Korpo following archipelago animals. 

Pilgrimage for families is becoming increasingly popular and it is a great way to spend time together if you plan well and carry out the pilgrimage according to the ability and interest of the family members with shortest legs. Keep the stages short and keep the journey fun and exciting, Finland is a safe and family friendly country. 

A long-distance pilgrimage can be carried out by bike and walking pilgrimages can be done using local busses to shorten your stages, there are numerous paths listed below where you can experience enjoyable walks whilst progressing your pilgrimage along the trail by bus and boat or car.  

The small islands of the outer archipelago are perfect places for families wishing to get away from busy city life and find time for themselves surrounded by powerful nature. The paths are short and there is plenty of nature to explore. There are pretty chapels with interesting history to visit. For example, Jurmo has its own Culture Path connected to the pilgrim’s trail.

Information about the pilgrimage path in Korpo and tips for families being updated 2022.

God tur! See you on the path!

A branch of the pilgrimage route St. Olav Ways and a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe, you can choose to walk for a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks on the trail from Turku to Trondheim. Plan your own journey and book accommodation or other services using our digital maps

The pilgrim’s passport for children accompanies Olav on his way from Viking to king and finally Olav the Saint.

The pilgrim’s passport for children is free. The pass and extra activities can be obtained from the tourist information points in Pargas, Nagu and Korpo. Passes are also available at Turku Cathedral and many of the churches and libraries along the path or downloaded as a pdf.

map of St. Olav Ways

Information for families will be updated during spring 2022

Download The Story of Olav Haraldsson and extra tasks for both younger and older children along the trail in:

The video about Olav Haraldsson life from boy to viking and king on the left has English subtitles, select your language in “settings” under the video.