A pilgrimage across waters

Water carries life – and pilgrims

St. Olav Waterway is the northernmost pilgrimage route that runs over both land and water. You will traverse the unique and sensitive Archipelago Sea in the footsteps of medieval pilgrims. In front of you lies 1,200 kilometers to Trondheim’s Nidaros Cathedral, the resting place of St. Olav. Pilgrimage is an ecological way to travel and enjoy the archipelago scenery.

Holy water, is water blessed by priests. In the past, many pilgrims went on a pilgrimage to seek holy water in order to cure disease. Natural springs have also been considered sacred places and the water in the springs has been thought to have healing powers. Water is the lifeblood of life on Earth, so really all water could be thought of as sacred.

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Three water-themed pilgrimages

Bring a small bottle of water on your pilgrimage. Walk with the water until the moment feels right or until you complete your pilgrimage and give the water back to nature with gratitude. You can do this just the way you feel best: singing, praying, or meditating quietly.

  1. Pilgrimage’s key words

Make the theme of your pilgrimage the seven words of pilgrims:


You can choose one word for your whole pilgrimage or one word per day or for a shorter time. When your moment with one word is coming to an end, pour a small amount of water on the ground. Can you incorporate the words of pilgrimage into your daily life?

  1. Water as a carrier of thoughts

Does your pilgrimage have a purpose? Do you have worries or a question you need answered? Write your question or intention on the side of the bottle. Maybe a pilgrimage will make you feel better or give you answers.

  1. Pilgrimage for the benefit of the Archipelago Sea

Setting an example and sharing information is a great way to make an impact. Make your pilgrimage as sustainable as possible and share with your loved ones the atmosphere of your pilgrimage, information about the archipelago or tips for water conservation.