Walk through the most beautiful archipelago in the world from island to island. The route will take you from Turku Cathedral on the Finnish mainland, through the Finnish archipelago, through Åland – the islands of peace- and on to Sweden. Once in Sweden you have several alternative routes to choose from to reach your final destination of Trondheim in Norway.

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St. Olav Waterway takes you from Turku Cathedral, through the Finnish Archipelago and Åland Islands to Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim.


Read about how other explorers have experienced the route and use the tips and ideas to plan your own adventure.   

Sottunga harbour

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Pyhän Olavin Päivää vietetään Paraisilla 29.7 klo 15-21. Konsertti Paraisten kirkossa, opastettu vaellus Vanhalla Malmilla ja keskiajanhenkistä ruokaa.Save the date:
St. Olav’s Day will be celebrated in Pargas 29.7 with a concert in Pargas church, guided walk in the old town and medieval inspired food and music in a permaculture garden.
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Kun vaeltaa yksin kauniin saariston ja ihanien kylien halki, unohtuu helposti että on samalla osana isoa pohjoismaista pyhiinvaellusperhettä. Pyhän Olavin pyhiinvaelluskonferenssissa voit kuulla mielenkiintoisia haastatteluja ja Norjan kruunupronsessa Mette-Maritin tervehdyksen. Kuuntele kaunista tilaisuuteen sävellettyä musiikkia 30:20 kohdassa ja pyhiinvaellustanssiesitys 47:20.
youtu.be/PwIUlGaI2ewWhen you are walking through beautiful islands and villages you can sometimes forget that the St. Olav trails are part of a large family of routes, all leading to Trondheim. The national St. Olav pilgrimage conference in Trondheim offers some lovely music and interesting interviews in Norwegian.
Specially composed music at 30:20 and 47:20 the pilgrim dance.
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