Discover St. Olav Waterway. You can do it right away, or wait for the Grand Opening in May 2019.

Discover St. Olav Waterway. You can do it right away, or wait for the Grand opening in May 2019.

Walk through the most beautiful archipelago in the world from island to island. The route will take you from Turku Cathedral on the Finnish mainland, through Åland – the islands of peace- and on to Sweden. Once in Sweden you have several alternative routes to choose from to reach your final destination of Trondheim in Norway.

St. Olav Waterway will be officially opened on May 24 2019. A lot of work around the route still remains, so we ask for your kind indulgence for the limited amount of information on here so far, we are working on it!


St. Olav Waterway travels from Turku Cathedral to Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim.


Read about how other explorers have experienced the route and use the tips and ideas to plan your own adventure.

Tips for the Turku region

Explore alternative routes in order to roam the Turku Archipelago and avoid the main road.


The hiking trail follows St. Olav’s pilgrim route. Who was St. Olav and how did he become a saint?


The St. Olav Waterway is an international project of the Central Baltic Programme. The project will be realized 2016–2019.

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Kom jobba med oss i Nagu 😃 Vi söker en person med lämplig examen samt goda språkkunskaper i svenska, finska och engelska. Du skall vara idérik och kreativ samt hitta på enkla, men tilltalande metoder som aktiverar barn/ungdomar och deras familjer.

Vi vill inspirera barn och ungdomar till att vandra och att utforska pilgrimsvandring. Vi vill inspirera turister, sommargäster och lokalbefolkningen att utforska båda kultur och natur i skärgården.
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Houston we have a problem!
What shall we call our trail?!?
The Geological Survey of Sweden has informed us that in 15000 years’ time, pilgrims will be able to walk almost the whole way from Turku to Sweden due to land rise (aka post-glacial rebound). Waterway will then be a misleading name, please see the map below.
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St. Olav Waterway's Grand Opening is May 24 2019. Time left: