Discover St. Olav Waterway. You can do it right away.

Discover St. Olav Waterway. You can do it right away.

Walk through the most beautiful archipelago in the world from island to island. The route will take you from Turku Cathedral on the Finnish mainland, through Åland – the islands of peace- and on to Sweden. Once in Sweden you have several alternative routes to choose from to reach your final destination of Trondheim in Norway.

St. Olav Waterway is now certified as a European Cultural Route from Turku to Trondheim. The route was officially opened on May 24 2019.
Follow the opening seminar here.
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St. Olav Waterway travels from Turku Cathedral to Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim.

Opening seminar

St Olav Waterway – A Pilgrimage Back in Time seminar Friday May 24 in Turku, Finland.

Premier tour

The premier tour starts on May 25 at 10 am at the Turku Cathedral.


The hiking trail follows St. Olav’s pilgrim route. Who was St. Olav and how did he become a saint?


Read about how other explorers have experienced the route and use the tips and ideas to plan your own adventure.

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Nyhetsbrev 3/2019 ute. Trevlig helg!

Uutiskirje 3/2019 julkaistu. Hyvää viikonloppua!
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Pilgrimspass och stämplar är en del av en gammal tradition som lever ännu i dag.

På din pilgrimsfärd upptäcker du många stämplar med Olavs kors, men också unika stämplar med olika helgon och mönster som härstammar från lokalhistoria. Denna stämpel bär Klemets Gårdens bomärke sedan 1600-talet. Du får ditt pilgrimspass stämplat med denna stämpel om du övernattar på Faffas Bed & Breakfast i Korpo.Pilgrims' passports and stamps are part of an old tradition that is still cherished to this day.

During your pilgrimage, you will find many stamps with Olav’s cross, but also unique ones with different Saints or designs emerging from local history. This one is the sign of Klemets Gård from the 17th century. You will find this one on your passport if you stay your night at Faffas Bed & Breakfast in Korpo.
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St. Olav Waterway's Grand Opening is May 24 2019. Time left: