Events calendar 2019

Travel fair in Helsinki, Finland

Allt för sjön, boat fair in Stockholm, Sweden

GoExpo in Helsinki, Finland

Seminar: St Olav Waterway – A Pilgrimage Back in Time. Yrkehögskolan Novia, Henrikinkatu 7, Turku, Finland, at 1–5 pm
Vesper in the Turku Cathedral at 6 pm

St Olav Waterway premier tour starts from the Turku Cathedral, Finland, at 10 am
The final destination is the Olavsfest in den 28.7-3.8.2019.

The tour is an open event. You can take part for such short or long time you wish. There will be arranged programme on certain places due to a schedule. Note that all room reservations and other costs are on your own expense.

Preliminary schedule, place to start:

25.5 Åbo
26.5 Pargas
27.5 Nagu center
29.5 Korpo center
Åland islands
30.5 Kökar
31.5   Sottunga
3.6   Jomala
6.6   Eckerö
7.6   Official opening of the Viking route, Grisslehamn Programme
Parallel alternative for routes:
St Olav Waterway Eskader – a common boat route over the Åland Sea, along the coasts of Roslagen and Jungfrukusten onboard the sailing ship Albanus or by own vessels.
6.6 Mariehamn – Grisslehamn
7.6  Grisslehamn – Öregrund
8.6  Öregrund – Ängskär
9.6  Ängskär – Gävle
10.6 Gävle – Axmar brygga
11.6 Axmar brygga – Söderhamn via Storjungfrun
12.6 Söderhamn – Skärså
13.6 Skärså – Borka brygga
14.6 Borka brygga – Mellanfjärden      

By land along the routes Vikingleden and Helgonleden (Grisslehamn-Storsjökapell)
10.6 Birgittagården, Harg
17.6 Älvkarleby
19.6 Gävle
2.7   Järvsö
6.7   Kårböle
11.7 Kilkojan

By land along the route Stråsjöleden (Korsholmen-Kilkojan)
23.6 Korsholmen
24.6 Enånger
30.6 Stråsjö kapell
11.7 Kilkojan

The route continues from Kilkojan along the routes Kårböleleden and JämtNorgeleden to Trondheim
12.7 Kilkojan
16.7 Storsjö kapell
19.7 Sylsjön
28.7 Trondheim