Opening Seminar

St Olav Waterway –
A Pilgrimage Back in Time

Friday, May 24th 2019 at Novia University of Applied Sciences, Henrikinkatu 7 in Turku/Åbo, Finland

The pilgrim route St Olav Waterway will be presented during an international seminar in Turku, Finland. The session is open for all interested, the official registration is found here. There will also be a possibility to follow the seminar as a webinar.

Program     13.00-18.00                                                                                    

13.00- 13.30  Registration and Coffee                                  

13.30              Mikko Hupa, Rector Åbo Akademi University: 
                       ‘’Seminar Opening’’                                   

                       Nina Söderlund, Project Coordinator, St Olav Waterway    
                       ‘’A Dream has Come True”

                      Hans Mårten Lövröd, Head of National Pilgrim Center
’’St Olav Ways – a Contemporary Pilgrimage’’      

                       Riitta Kaivosoja, Director General, Department of Art and Cultural Policy,
                       Ministry of Education and Culture
                       ’’European Cultural Route Cooperation in Finland                        

                       Marianne Lehtimäki, Heritage Expert
“Cultural Routes – a Platform for Social, Cultural and Economic Impacts”                

                       Music by Sofia Sahlin and Olle Linder           

15.00              BREAK                                                   

15.30              Björn Vikström, Bishop, Diocese of Borgå
‘’Hospitality of Strangers’’     

                       Åsa Ringbom, Professor Emerita
‘’Saint Olav’s Pilgrimage from Aboa (Turku) across the Åland Islands, as Reflected in Medieval Art”                         

                       Susanna Markkola, Program Manager, Visit Finland            
                       ‘’Cultural Routes and Tourism’’

                       Martin Lind, Bishop, Chair, Pilgrim i Sverige
‘’Water in the Pilgrimage Tradition’’                                                                       

                       Björn Nalle Öhman, Chair, The St Olav Ways of Finland                 
                       ‘’St Olav Waterway – Visions for the Future’’

                      Sofia Sahlin, Musician             
                      ‘’Tracking St Olav and St Anna- Concepts around the Pilgrim Routes’’          

                       Marianne Fred, Head of R&D in Bioeconomy, Novia University of  Applied Sciences        
                       ’’Closing Remarks to Seminar’’

17.30              Music by Sofia Sahlin and Olle Linder

18.00-18.45    Vespers, Turku Cathedral (no registration, open for everybody)
                        Kaarlo Kalliala, Bishop, Archdiocese of Turku

Practical information

Map with key locations for the day
Suggestions for accommodation

If you want to have lunch before the seminar starts, one possible place nearby is Restaurant Hus Lindman.
Price range 8,90 – 20€/person. Address: Piispankatu 15, Turku/ Biskopsgatan 15, Åbo.

If you have questions, please contact:
Senior Lecturer Anna-Karin Abrahamsson (phone: +358447623390)
Or contact: