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St. Olav Waterway has eight project partners and four other parties: Åbo Akademi (coordinator), Novia University of Applied Sciences, town of Pargas, municipality of Sottunga, Franciskus på Kökar association, Pilgrimstid Sverige association, municipality of Östhammar and municipality of Söderhamn. Other parties included in the project are municipality of Hudiksvall, municipality of Gävle, church of Jomala and Nordic Archipelago cooperation.

If you have any practical questions, concerning trekking for example, please contact  James Simpson.

Åbo Akademi – project coordinator

Project coordinator
Nina Söderlund
Centre for Lifelong Learning (Centret för livslångt lärande vid Åbo Akademi, CLL)
Tehtaankatu 2, 20500 Turku
tel. +358 50 527 8180
Centre for Lifelong Learning at Åbo Akademi (CLL) 

Novia University of Applied Sciences

Anna-Karin Abrahamsson
Novia Unversity of Applied Sciences

Town of Pargas

James Simpson
Town of Pargas

Franciskus på Kökar association

Christian Pleijel
Föreningen Franciskus på Kökar rf (information only in Swedish)

Muncipality of Sottunga

Kennet Lundström
Sottunga kommun (information only in Swedish)

Muncipality of Söderhamn

Patrik Sjölin
Muncipality of Söderhamn

Muncipality of Östhammar

Stefan Edelsvärd
Östhammars kommun (information only in Swedish)

Pilgrimstid Sverige association

Cina Kedvall
Pilgrimstid Sverige association